Halting abusive ads.

  • I use Mac, and this is Unix BSD 4.2 - the old SunOS. So I have patched /etc/hosts:    lb localhost
    ::	popitunder.com	chatroom20.com	yourrealdatings12.com	crazyfree-gifts-com.info	pushnotificationsprototype.com	bet365.com	hqmkre.bitlydns.net	adexc.net	legendsofhonor.com	livejasmin.com	cam4.com	irent.com	vogella.com

    with "vi"
    In BSD 4.2 the format is ip-addre<TAB><Hostname><TAB><hostname>
    192.168 are fixed, non-routable packets, The same as 10.0.0.n - and 192.168.x.1 is usually the router.
    So any cookie, web page that refers to livejasmin.com or cam4.com irent.com - will never get an answer from because there is nothing there.
    I trace the cookies, the uMatrix extension with "logger" tells me, and now I block them on the way back. One site is usually used as "referral" - like bit.ly and blocking this is effective. But Google uses the same referral links for valid content, so send just a few names at a time, they may cause the wrong behaviour.
    Be careful - but it works. Windows used to have "SYSTEM/HOSTS" for the same: load DNS initially.

    modedit added code blocks ans in line code to disable backlinks to ad sites

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    Next time, please add host code in code blocks and domain names of ad sites in incline code. https://commonmark.org/help/tutorial/09-code.html

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