Touch/pen Paste and Go in address bar frustration

  • So I'm in touch or pen mode on Windows 10 (Surface Book), and have copied a URL from somewhere. Tap Vivaldi in the taskbar, tap the '+' in the address bar, a new tab appears with my new tab page URL selected.
    0_1562106054379_New tab - full address selected.JPG

    I long press the URL - and the selection drops to the minimum element!

    0_1562106093920_New tab - long press with pen - minimum selected.JPG

    Vivaldi knows I'm using touch, it draws the little selection tabs (though PrintScreen didn't capture them)... So now I have to drag each selection tab back out to the ends of the URL. Then tap "..." (which is still floating above the address bar, so I don't have to long press again to get it) and pick Paste and Go.

    Oh, and if I try to paste over an existing URL, not a fresh new tab, it draws only one selection tab, I have to drag it to the end, bring up a screen keyboard, and backspace it away.

    Yes, I know, #FirstWorldProblem, but I hit it over and over when I'm supposed to be in relaxing mode. The flow could be so much smoother if Vivaldi left a selected URL fully selected when it sees a touch press.

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    Could you report this as a bug please? That will help the developers try to fix it, even if it is a "first world problem", it would be good to track it 🙂

    For information on how to report a bug, see this URL:

    Once that is done, please share the bug number (beginning with VB-). Thanks.

    On the form, you can add your email address. Once submitted, you'll get a confirmation. You can reply to this with any logs or further info.

    I would suggest also adding into your report the type of hardware you use.

  • @LonM Sent the report - reference VB-55184

    Also another report on the Submit error when I tried to post it - reference VIV-666

    I don't understand why the report page is three screens tall here, but I guess making things huge is the new fad. Makes it hard to notice a tiny pale white error tag that only appears at the very top of a 3000x2000 screen for a few seconds!

    Received the eMail on the second one already, but no eMail for the first one submitted much earlier...

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    @LorenAmelang sometimes the mails can take a while to appear. In any case, I can see the bugs are now logged in the system. Hopefully they will get looked at by some developers, if they can find the right equipment to test with.

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