Security issue

  • At this point, the cursor won't allow me to select security/privacy category for this comment. I caught hacker/scammers here attempting to setup a scam. They registered here as user abcde, the 'wife' of Erwin (Bird). After I proved who they were and what they were doing, they deleted the accounts of abcde and also Erwin's account. Users from Opera know Erwin as an avid birder. The hackers also hacked my password here on Vivaldi, and I can't reset it. They also did it on my account on LinkedIn. Too bad, crooks, I am now involving the authorities in this, and my warning to users here is nothing on-line is secure anymore, including your passwords.

  • I believe I have repaired the login damage done to my accounts here, and on LinkedIn. I can't speak about any damage done to source code for this website, but if anyone sees a problem, especially posting here with the category, "Security", please let me or the moderator know.

  • what is this story
    but i have wrote with abcde on Opera and after on Vivaldi , it seems that is she because she knew private things :blink:

  • Ok that's it. I'm out if here!

  • can you translate your sentence in french please … i don't understand what you mean
    thank you

  • Que J'en ai marre moi!zero securite sur vivaldi en plus Je rame!j'essaie de commenter et Je peux pas c'est dur j?en ai ras le Vol!

  • but the story with Abcde is very strange since the beginning , I don't think WE are concerned by security .for me it's good Vivaldi , it runs more quick than Opera , I have not a very mini phone :evil:
    The only black point is the not automatic notifications

  • For me it's very slow and hard here opera was a pleasure cruise comparing to this! :mad: it's not the fault of mini but vivaldi! This abcd issue was mentioned on wordpress too

  • on wordpress ? where give me the link , oh maybe I have it , not abcde
    it's not fault of vivaldi else it should be slow on my side too!!!

  • It' vivaldi! Cause its not suitable for mobiles!

  • it's strange ! we are in 2014
    but for me , it's the mess with notifications/email
    by example
    I received an email but when i clic on it , i go on welcome page
    where have you write "je parle français pourtant contrairement à toi ! si je veux mettre un gif perso ici ,sur ces commentaires ,je peux pas et ça me gonfle"
    ?????great mystery !!!

  • C'est toi qui a ecrit ce commentaire

  • :oops: :silly: but where it's my problem ah ah

  • C'est l'age que veut tu…..:p

  • ah it's small very little

  • Mais oui….mais oui :whistle:

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