Option to disable navigating to last viewed tab in Tab Stack when opening/minimising Tab Stacks within the Window Pane

  • I find this behaviour quite unintuitive and even pretty annoying. A lot of the time when I interact with a Tab Stack it's to minimise it rather than to visit a page held within it, as I have a lot of Tab Stacks that I manage entirely through the Window Panel, so it feels slightly jarring to be yanked into a context shift by having the page change without intending it.

    EDIT: Should add this only happens when the Activate with single click option is enabled in Window Panel settings.

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    @ergusto If you're managing tab stacks in the Window Panel then it is easy to close the stack instead of a tab.

    0_1562102280425_Close Tab Stack.png

  • Yeah sorry I wasn't clear. I used the word close when I in fact meant minimise.

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    @ergusto Deleting your post just creates more confusion.

    Please restore it, and use the three vertical dot menu to edit it to make it clear what you are requesting.

    See Settings, Tabs for Close Tab Activation options.

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