How can I try to fix the guest profile layout?

  • 0_1562089529167_guest mode.PNG
    (Brown is person 1 - aka main profile; Red is guest profile).

    There are few "mistakes" in my css I'm not sure how to solve.

    • I don't use header (#header {display: none}) in main profile but sadly this is also reflected in the guest profile which is forced to follow "non native window" setting - where I use and prefer the "native" to let the OS to draw titlebars and thus hide the header.
      Result: I can't move the guest window.
    • For a similar reason, the V button is in not where it should (centered).

  • Moderator

    @Hadden89 You could try this:

    .native #header {some rules...} and :not(.native) #header {some rules...}

  • @LonM Meh, in truth it would make sense to include both theme and profile as class name in the body to make specialized CSS mods easier.

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