Open new tabs in backend

  • It's really full of joy when I start trying vivaldi, I even uninstalled opera the first day... But, there's one thing I'm not used to... Once right click on a link and click "Open link in new tab", it directly switches to the new tab... I guess some people like me would prefer to open the new tab in the backend and read it later... I hope you could add an option on this... Thanks~~

  • Welcome to the forum,
    We have talked about that 2000 times and more.
    For now you can either use middle click to open tabs in background, or even Ctrl+Click

    The thing you ask will be implemented in the near future, but the devs have to override some Chromium behaviors so it takes some time, plus they're busy with more important features!

    You shouldn't have uninstalled Opera, Vivaldi is still an alpha.
    It's like using Opera developer as your main browser.
    You could encounter some unpleasant bugs, alpha software is meant for testing

  • Thanks!

  • You're welcome 🙂


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