You lost ALL my blog images!!!

  • I checked some old blog entries, and SEVERAL were EMPTY. I looked in my "File Manager". and any images starting with the letter "E" through-- well ANY of the rest-- are GONE! What the Hell happened? I spent TWO MONTHS trying to restore everything post by post-- and now it's ALL GONE!!! I want the XML for what's LEFT of my FILE!

  • OK. They're starting to re-appear– gradually. Is there someone who can explain this?

    Also, is still being maintained regularly? Do you need some help with it?

    Let me know...

  • You mean Vivaldi community or Vivaldi browser? There are updates to the "snapshot" releases generally every week, the TPs are somewhat less common. The website - I don't track that as much, check the Vivaldi Users group for status and updates (though a lot of Vivaldi browser stuff is posted there as well).

  • I was referring to Vivaldi Community. I don't see a lot of progress on some very BASIC functions like a way to return to your main blog page from your individual entries, which seem to ALL be just a PART of one all-encompassing blogroll.

  • Presumably by "main blog page" you mean something like

  • Yes. With Navigation. Like a REAL blog. Which I was under the impression this was going to be. In addition, I haven't seen ANY progress on for months (is ANYONE working on this anymore?). Even the last forum post for the official "Feature Requests for" section hasn't received a SINGLE ENTRY for over TWO MONTHS! Apparently people have given up on even asking.

    If this is a dead end, I'd like to have the XML file for my site along with image files (the way I submitted them to so I can move this to a host that IS maintaining their site!

    This is getting extremely aggravating…

  • Hi rfhurley,

    Lately we have been putting most of our focus on our main product, the Vivaldi Browser. We are however working hard behind the scenes to provide a better community experience, but big changes take time! We hope that you stay tuned and we appreciate your feedback.

  • I understand that you have been putting most of your focus into your main product, the Vivaldi Browser. If I was informed nearly TWO years ago that we would not even have so much as a back-link to our main blog page? I never would have DREAMED of going with this solution, which is entirely untenable at this point. And you have not yet answered my other question either– asked perhaps for the FIRST time a YEAR ago-- how I can go about receiving an XML file for my blog to transfer to a service that is capable of operating a blogging platform. I am, in essence, being held captive by this fact.

    This is not good business, and I'm sure potential investors, whether venture capital or angel funders, would not find a great deal of confidence in such flagrant disregard for follow-through on projects (i.e. the blogging community), or of a record of breaking promises to those depending upon those promises.

    It's been nearly two years now, and after coaxing former Opera Community denizens over to your service for a similar user experience I feel entirely deceived, and this state of affairs is so far from acceptable as to be scandalous!

    If you have no further plans to develop this community platform (which increasingly appears to be the case) I would say you are obligated to return my site in the condition that I submitted it to you (in XML, with associated image files).

    I'm sorry it has come to this. I really had such high hopes for your endeavor.


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