Window can not be resized with mouse (Debian, KDE 5 Plasma)

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    Still a issue in 3.3.2022.47 and 3.4.2049.2.

  • @Gwen-Dragon If it's still an issue on Debian then I would assume it has to do with the old version of the window manager. Latest Kwin is version 5.19.5 . What happens if you set the rendering backend in the Compositor to Xrender ? Same?

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    @npro I do use Debian Stable!

    My KWin is 5.14.5-1

    ii  kwin-common                  4:5.14.5-1   amd64        KDE window manager, common files
    ii  kwin-data                    4:5.14.5-1   all          KDE window manager data files
    ii  kwin-decoration-oxygen       4:5.14.5-1   amd64        KWin decoration for the Oxygen desktop theme
    ii  kwin-style-breeze            4:5.14.5-1   amd64        KWin Breeze Style
    ii  kwin-x11                     4:5.14.5-1   amd64        KDE window manager, X11 version

    With XRender the same.

  • It works fine for me [Snapshot & Stable] in my Arch Plasma.

    I'll edit this post in a minute-ish once i've tested in my SolydK VM [= Debian 10 Stable iirc].

    Vivaldi 3.4.2038.4 / Chrome 85.0.4183.106 in my SolydK VM works correctly wrt manual window resizing.

    I'm going to let this VM run all its updates whilst i eat dinner, after which i'll edit here again with the final status.

    Haha, oh yeah, that's right, it's Deb Stable, so only 4 package updates, including V-SS. And...
    Vivaldi 3.4.2049.2 / Chrome 86.0.4240.38 also resizes properly with H & V edges as handles. Note that the corners do not activate the handles, but that is not V's fault... weirdly each of my SolydK installations behaves like that. 🤷♀

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