Empty cache and hard reload for Web developers

  • Hello,

    This is my first post in this forum and since I see that the community has been growing quite a lot and Vivaldi team listens to requests, thought of requesting a feature that would allow me to uninstall Google Chrome from my machine as I'm forced to use it while doing my daily job of developing websites.

    The feature is called 'Empty cache and hard reload' and can be accessed by right-clicking the refresh icon in Google Chrome while the dev tools are open. You can find the details in this link.

    I've tried the regular Hard reload using Ctrl+Shift+R and that has not done the trick for me in clearing cached pages in the browser with the dev tools open/closed. I don't want to disable the cache altogether but just want to clear it thoroughly from time to time. The Clear browsing data is also sometimes not useful and is too cumbersome for such a small thing needed only for clearing the current page and its resources.

    I tried a couple of extensions but they crash the browser itself.

    I couldn't find a post asking for this feature, so thought of asking it myself as, after the recent introduction of profiles management, this is the only feature forcing me to keep Google Chrome installed in my work PC.


  • There is a setting in the dev tools to disable the cache while the dev tools are open (three vertical dots > settings > preferences > look under the network section). It only disables the cache for the tab that the dev tools are bound to, so it does not affect any cached data from other sites and other tabs continue to use caching.

    I generally just leave the setting on. That way, I can force a full reload of a page by simply opening the dev tools and refreshing the page. And I generally don't want caching while working on a page, so it does not hurt when I need the dev tools for actual work reasons.

    That said, a keyboard/UI shortcut that forces a full, cache-free reload of a page (with or without the dev tools open) would probably come in handy (assuming there isn't already such an option that we don't know about).

  • This would be an excellent feature to have, especially if it could be configured to be always on for specific domains or IPs, e.g. localhost/

  • Another +1 from here.

    For my use case - I'm developing a web app, and would like to show it to the "client"; however, when they load it they see a cached version rather than the full version.

    Because of this, I think there's a definitely use case for having right click functionality on the 'refresh' button for all users - left click performs a standard refresh, right click gives you different refresh options, e.g. hard refresh, refresh every N minutes, etc.

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