Snapshot - Reload bypassing cache shortcuts and a visual clue for Rewind

  • [b][size=4]Download ([/size][/b] 32 e 64 BIT. Changelog Update Chromium to 44.0.2403.125 VB-7551 Fail using Quick Commands when you try to open the below URL Tab area not drag-able when positioned at the bottom Rewrite fast forward code VB-7893 Every second click in address bar selects whole URL instead of changing cursor position UI coloring for generic-color pages SD background double click fix Tab position settings fixes VB-5897 Show search engine favicon under “Search” in the address field drop down VB-7984 Make “rewind” button show the pages it'll go to: Click and hold the rewind button VB-2317 Menus open at mouse position instead of relative to elements VB-2931 Add shortcuts for reload bypassing cache: Ctrl+F5, Ctrl/⌘+⇧Shift+R VB-1595 [Mac] Add “clear private data” to tools menu VB-5721 [Mac] Extensions settings in menu


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