Snapshot - Reload bypassing cache shortcuts and a visual clue for Rewind

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    A new week and a new snapshot. We are still a little light on staffing during the holiday period, but we have a few more updates for you nonetheless. Highlights today include shortcuts for reloading the page bypassing cache, better visualization of what “rewind” does and fixes to the URL field selection, Quick Commands and tabs. [url=]Get it now![/url]

  • Ubuntu 12.04 – multi-monitor display, left hand (primary) is portrait 1200x1920, right hand is landscape 1920x1200. Using gnome-classic ui.

    Vivaldi will only maximize to the display that it started on. Mouse clicks only work correctly the first time on any tab. The second click and beyond inside a tab usually seems to perform a completely random action. (sometimes forward, sometimes backward, sometimes rewind, sometimes a link click, sometimes a new tab) . The Linux vivaldi is completeyl unusable on this machine.

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