Why is Vivaldi trying to connect with Microsoft?

  • My firewall reported that it stopped Vivaldi from making a connection to, a microsoft ip, today. What is that server for and why does Vivaldi need to talk to it suddenly?

  • Have you tried to paste that ip on the address field? :lol:

  • What is the server for? Well it could be easy to figure out, just try to copy and paste that ip in the address bar
    You commonly type www.blablabla stuff cause it's easier to remember, that's what the DNS is meant for

    You want to use www.bing.com and not first of all cause the first one is easier to remember, second because the ip can change

    Do you use Vivaldi as your default browser? You probably pressed something, and Vivaldi tried to connect to bing

  • So thats a Bing server( I couldnt check easily, my firewall blocks it). Interesting that vivaldi suddenly felt compelled to access bing….it did not have a page open telling me it was doing any such thing. wondering if another process was trying to use vivaldi.

  • Well since you're on Windows and it tried to connect to Bing which is property of Microsoft maybe Windows tried to open your Vivaldi for random reasons

  • Solved it….a news website I visited seems to use Bing as a source for all its images.


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