Doubts about Vivaldi importing

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    I intend to import some things from O12 and from O15+ (dev, beta and stable) to vivaldi, but I have some doubts 1- when I select O12 importing option, what the [i]"using the Opera standard diretory"[/i] does? 2- If i select O15+ option, it will just import the things from stable diretory. How do I do for importing from [i]beta[/i] and [i]developer [/i]diretories? 3- The imported bookmarks will they be in a specific folder? If yes, when I import from differents browsers, will there be specific folders for imported [i]Chrome bookmarks[/i] and other for[i] Opera bookmarks[/i], for example? Happens the same with the [i]Note[/i]s, with i[i]mported Notes[/i] with a specific folder?

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  • Opera standard directory means a default install of 32-bit Opera Presto, in the case of Windows. If you installed 64-bit Presto or changed the default install directory (from either C:\Program Files\Opera or C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera) then your settings won't be in the standard directory.

    Bookmarks and Notes will be in a folder named "Imported from Opera", no idea on Opera/Blink really.

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    thank you 🙂

    ah, can i import a bookmarks from a vivaldi bookmark file to another vivaldi browser installation?

  • Vivaldi bookmarks are stored here:

    %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default


    If you're just moving them from one installation of Vivaldi to another, you can move those files or copy them there.

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    @Tiamarth yeah, but I wanna import the items of that "bookmarks.bak" to my "bookmarks" file, because they have differents bookmarks and I would like to merge them .

  • In that case I suppose you could open them both in a text editor and do it manually. I don't know of anything that would automate that process.


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