Copy-paste selected bookmarks between different Vivaldi profiles

  • Today I came with an idea that it would be reasonable to add support for copy-pasting different selected bookmarks (as well as their folders) from one Vivaldi window to another (right now, it is not possible).

    It will add more comfort if a person uses multiple Vivaldi windows and he/she wishes to copy some bookmarks from one window to another.

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    @SakuraAyumi Hi,

    If you're using multiple windows, they should share the same set of bookmarks.

    Do you perhaps mean you are running multiple windows in different profiles?

    In that case, does the bookmark import/export feature work: Go to Menu > File > Export/Import Bookmarks?

  • @LonM Yes, I am talking about different profiles.

    Unfortunately, import/export bookmarks does not work well since it has no function to select individual (specific) bookmarks and folders.

    For example, I want to move all YouTube bookmarks to another profile without touching other bookmarks.

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