Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5

  • @Pathduck said in Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5:

    editing and URL in the address bar is really messed up now

    Actually, 3 in 1:

    1. If I paste address into address bar, I want to go exactly to that address.
    2. If I delete autocompleted part, I want it to be deleted.
    3. If I delete it again and press Enter, I want to go to URL without deleted part.

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    @ruario said in Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5:

    @hadden89: no. It is a snapshot built with the daily number 1581 (5th build of the day). That is all really.

    It is post the latest final as that was branched from 1566.

    Okay, and that's perfectly consistent.

    @ruario said in Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5:

    @folgore101: we will change it at some point but it really does not matter and you need not think about it. Focus on the number that is listed (which is why it is listed).

    This, i understand that less. Why use the first two numbers if they are so insignificant? Could they not be completely eliminated? But eliminate them on all sides, not just in the title of Snapshot News.

    Given that numbers, i care little and nothing, but after a Stable i expect or a Minor Update (2.6.xxxx.xx) or a change of branch (2.7.xxxx.xx), only for a reason of consistency of releases. In my opinion, if you use the first two numbers, then you have to take them into account and not reason as if they were not there and modify them arbitrarily.

    The substance obviously does not change and for you internally the thing is certainly superfluous but for those who follow from outside it could be a bit confusing.

  • @Folgore101 Funny. You mention you have mentioned the version number, I would suggest Ruarí to write a small article:
    "Major Minor Build Path"

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    @lamarca But Vivaldi is also fun. 😁
    Writing an article seems excessive to me, also because it would support my thesis, if you have to write an article for something so simple it means that the method used is not clear for those who do not work internally.
    Another solution could be to use for the SS only the day and build (1581.5), without any other number in the News, in the file name and in the Information about Vivaldi.
    The first two numbers should only be indicated in the Stable version so that the two are completely separate and do not give rise to doubts.


    • The new version – Vivaldi 2.6
    • Vivaldi.2.6.1566.40.x64.exe
    • About > Vivaldi: 2.6.1566.40 (Official Build) (64-bit)


    • Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5
    • Vivaldi.1581.5.x64.exe
    • About > Vivaldi: 1581.5 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    But it seems easier to increase by one unit the second digit for all snapshots after the Stable.

  • @Folgore101 Fun every day.
    Let me quote the CoC

    • Some are very technical, some aren’t.
    • Some are used to participating in online communities, some aren’t.

    My prefs are the technical stuffs;)
    In absence of knowledge, have a look at

    Ci vediamo dopo

    Edited: gramar + link

  • It seems that something has changed regarding searches. Before, I could paste one or more search terms and if they were not resembling an address (i.e. containing at least one space), that'd get redirected to a search with the default search engine. Now, if I do this, Vivaldi tries to replace the whole thing with an address. Example - pasting Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0xC0000005: Windows 10 Insider Preview 18922.1000 (rs_prerelease). and hitting Enter results in the whole thing getting replaced with http://installation/%20Failure:%20Windows%20failed%20to%20install%20the%20following%20update%20with%20error%200xC0000005:%20Windows%2010%20Insider%20Preview%2018922.1000%20(rs_prerelease). Seems like the "%20"s are not rendered in the address field, but are there the whole time (evident if you copy-paste something like this from the address field).

    modedit fixed format

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    @killchain instead of searching Vivaldi detects this as a URL.
    That is a known issue and already reported bug.
    You need to preceed a ? or search's nickname to get the correct result.

  • @gwen-dragon: Thanks for confirming. It's still more convenient to have the old behaviour as well, although the bug only seems to appear if there's a dot in the query.

  • @sakuraayumi: It happened again today, after I had everything re-assigned a couple of days earlier. I joined the forum you suggested and commented on the subject. It is most certainly a strange and serious bug that has passed unattended by the devs. It is NOT related to syncing since I'm logged out. It happened to me for the first time after updating to version 1566.6. I don't know if that helps but today it happened right after I added a new tile and assigned a new thumbnail. I closed the browser and when re-started it ... everything gone. I suspect that, somehow, it happens when changing something in the speed-dial (reorganizing or adding). Since I work with speed-dial and not with the bookmarks bar, it is a true nightmare and the worse thing that could happen to me - it disorganizes everything and adds a load of useless work to correct it. I hope somebody from the devs will give the necessary attention, because it is really frustrating!

  • Is there a setting that controls whether or not a new Vivaldi window would open if one doesn't exist on the current virtual desktop (Windows 10)? Previously, if there isn't [a Vivaldi window on the current VD], a new one would be opened; now, it switches me to the last window even if it's on another VD. I believe this is a change from the last 2-3 snapshots.

  • I've been having an issue with the address bar drop down menu in the latest snapshot versions including this current version. See how the bottoms of each line are truncated? Looks like the results are closer together which causes the crashing. I'm guessing this issue started with Snapshot 1566.6 with the address bar modifications but it's still present in the latest version:

    This is with Snapshot version Vivaldi2.6.1554.13.x64 which looks good. Didn't have this problem here even though I've been using the same size address bar text size via custom.css:

  • @lamarca said in Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5:

    More detail about the issue:

    Edited: grammar

    I don't think that discussion is regarding this particular address bar issue. I just so happen to post there by accident.

  • @seeley said in Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5:

    I just so happen to post there by accident

    Thx for the feedback

  • @ruario said in Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5:

    with a focus on the address bar.

    Funny, my address bar isn't working.
    When I start it works, but after some time it just stops. I press enter to enter a site and nothing happens.

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