Unread Badges for reactive tab stack

  • Hello,

    Since autostack is default in basic setting, please consider a better solution for stacking so far this should be more obvious and more reactive to the browsering.

    I suggest to use small special tab badges to show unread/unopened new tab into the stack. Examples :
    -basic one
    -solution with number

    This is a little graphical solution that thanks to it you know that you have created new tabs that you haven't read yet and you should do.
    More, when you add a new tab into stack that is a new tab in background, you don't tell you that the mouse click doesn't run because nothing obvious changes : with current graphical solution for autostacking only a little rectangle appears. Here a visible badge could be more obvious, and even it's not enough, when new tab is created, this badges could be animated with flashing color, or flashing scaling.

    Mod edit: updated title

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