Vivaldi 2.6 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1566.31

  • Hmm with this particular build sometimes when I close a private window containing tabs while I also have already some tabs opened in a regular window, the whole browser closes, both windows. (I could assume it is a crash too, but without any OS error report). I 'll check the crashpad folder next time it happens, cause strangely enough there are many .dmp files in that folder around the same time @23:50 a couple and @23:52 one more.

    Also it crashed one time when I tried maximizing a video or trying to fly to a random time in the video.

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    @npro If you are having crashes randomly, file a bug. You will get an e-mail attach the crash log.

  • [BUG?] Esc doesn't stop loading pages, on Linux (DEB 64bit, on Ubuntu)
    Try this:

    • click on a link
    • press Esc
      You'll see, that Vivaldi doesn't stop loading the page. Happens on Ubuntu, with Vivaldi DEB 64bit.

    Can anybody confirm?


  • @potmeklecbohdan said in Vivaldi 2.6 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1566.31:

    when I close the second profile's window it sometimes crashes (the main profile closes with ~1s delay, on next startup both profiles open), sometimes it's OK

    Exactly that happened for me yesterday. It shocked me, coz i thought this bug was fixed long ago.

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    @Steffie I've had a bug open for this issue for a while now (VB-51026) but it's one of those weird glitches that doesn't reproduce consistently.

  • @npro Can confirm. Usually happens on Youtube. I'll get a lot of dead birds and sometimes a completely crash of Vivaldi. Yesterday i couldn't restart Vivaldi after a crash. Vivaldi instances showed up in Windows task manager for about a second and then closed again. I had to reboot Windows and, hurray, it worked again but i lost all my tabs...

  • Thx @asdfzombie.
    Another thing I'm noticing with this build is that when I use "close other tabs" in random sites, this creates a ~1MB crash .dmp file in the crashpad folder. Example page , open this, then a new Speed Dial tab, then while at the new Speed Dial tab hit "close other tabs". Happened in a private window as well but I can't test it right now with a clean profile.

    /edit: Tried it with a clean profile now and it isn't happening, seems like this build broke some compatibility with an extension I suppose, could be with ublock origin? I'll see about sending the .dmp file for further examination.

  • I just noticed in this RC1 version, trying to restore uBlock Origin settings from file it's impossible, because the confirmation pop-up disappears by itself not allowing me to confirm the import from txt.
    I had to update from the 1.19.6 to the newer 1.20 version of uBO manually because it was 2 days that the extension was updated in the Chrome webstore but still didn't got updated automatically in Vivaldi.
    I saved the settings as txt, uninstalled 1.19.6, reinstalled 1.20 from the webstore, and found this sad surprise.

    Summary: Restoring uBlock Origin Settings from the saved backup impossible, confirmation box disappears immediately
    Key: VB-54473

  • I managed to open about 200 tabs in a window (without any kind of hibernation) to test how the performance are going.
    Well, the browser was still quite responsive. So, test passed 👍

  • @ruario
    Thx for the great job you did; 2.6 works fine and I love it 🙂
    Keep on doing.
    Cheers from Germany

  • Where are memory leak fixes on Discord and Twatter?

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  • Why screaming? Please keep your tone friendly 🙂

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Zero lags while opening new tabs, wonderful! However, when I close a tab, with like 50% chance background music from youtube tab makes dying robot noise for a second instead of music ☹

  • @Hadden89 said in Vivaldi 2.6 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1566.31:

    I managed to open about 200 tabs (...)

    Is it possible to live with less tabs open? 👀


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    Japanese Microsoft IME inputs on Windows were fixed in the last Snapshot but Chinese Microsoft IME inputs are still broken. Hope VB-54226 is fixed for the final release as this is annoying for users of Vivaldi in other countries!

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    @Kein said in Vivaldi 2.6 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1566.31:

    Where are damn memory leak fixes on Discord and Twatter?

    Sorry for your anger, but what are the bug report numbers?

  • @xyzzy: #enable-quic and #expensive-background-timer-throttling were indeed both "enabled". Reverted them to default, will see how it'll go.

  • [BUG!] pending SYNC operations make Vivaldi crash, when clicking on duckduckgo's search results

    1. enable SYNC and create a SYNC PASSWORD, different from the SYNC profile password
    2. sync all, automatically (SYNC's cloud-shaped icon, in the left corner of the status bar, will turn white)
    3. disable SYNC (SYNC's cloud-shaped icon, in the left corner of the status bar, will turn transparent)
    4. copy to a note, some text from a website (three trailing dots will appear into the SYNC's cloud-shaped icon)
    5. set duckduckgo as default search engine, and activate searches into the address bar
    6. search for "no sql database"
    7. click on the blue "wikipedia" link into the top right search result highlight box, to open the noSQL wikipedia page
    8. Vivaldi will crash

    VIVALDI WILL NOT CRASH if you SYNC the note you saved in step 4 AND/OR click a different link in duckducgo search result: Vivaldi crashes only when a SYNC operation is pending AND you click on that link.
    If you complete the SYNC and update all (the white icon appears again) you'll be able to open wikipedia's page, without the crash.

    I'm using Vivaldi DEB64 on Ubuntu 19.04.

  • @newscpq: very weird crash: seems to be related to "Wikipedia" link on DUCKDUCKGO: once happened with SYNC complete. May need to make the search more than once, to crash Vivaldi, but it happens: you click on "wikipedia", and vivaldi crashes.

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