Nuova Snapshot 2.6.1566.26

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    Ci avviciniamo alla stabile. 2.6 Nears Closer – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1566.26

    Iniziato la fase di stabilizzazione per il rilascio della versione Stabile 2.6. Quindi ora ci concentreremo sulla correzione delle regressioni.


    • [Regression][Tabs] Middle clicking on the close button doesn’t close it (VB-53968)
    • [Regression][Tabs] Middle clicking to close stacked tabs enlarges pinned ones (VB-54182)
    • [Regression] Opening link in background tab does not trigger download save popup (VB-51936)
    • [Address field] Various fixes and improvements
    • [Linux] Add support for chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra 74, 75 and 76 (VB-54191)
    • [Search] Too little space for nickname in Japanese UI (VB-54170)
    • [Settings] Wrong group and casing for “Block Ads”: relates to abusive ad blocking (VB-54163)
    • [Sync] Report to the user when sync initialization is stuck because of server issues (VB-54041)

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