JoaBravo is a new name in the Forums, but...

  • Truly, @JoaBravo is not a new user. Either as Viv user, or even less, as to the elapsed time of his life that defines the age range of a human being.

    I am going to confess that this current username, JoaBravo, comes to replace my previous one, that is, Quinca71.

    Quinca 71 canceled his profile due to personal health problems.

    Currently he is suffering a disease which only attacks persons whose native language is Portuguese! ☹
    The disease is named DNA. Nothing to do with the genetic code.

    In Portuguese this disease is called Data de Nascimento Antiga >> DNA.
    Translating to English = Ancient Date of Birth >> ADB. The acronym is changed and breaks the jest, the prank. Hence, only fits to the Portuguese language.

    The Guide Star 🌠 of Vivaldi Team, in that meanwhile, sent an email to Quinca71, gently asking the reason why he had erased his profile.
    The content of the message made clear to him the less happy feelings that the abrupt withdrawal caused in some members and users of Vivaldi.

    Quinca71 has replaced his profile by JoaBravo for reasons of maintenance of some browser features.

    His intention was to keep the change hidden and to disappear from the vision and knowledge of the community who attends the forums.
    However -- that must stay very clear --, all due to his disease, DNA. Nothing due to any heartache.

    The e-mail of the ineffable member reversed my intention to remain hidden.

    As much as the withdrawal has caused feelings of grief in some users and members, the amount of relief for the majority must have been greater.

    However, I want to give predominance on my part to dear compassionate and sentimental members. This is the reason why I'm disclosing that now.

    And as it was with Quinca71, JoaBravo keeps open for all users the PM interactions (chat and web mail) with which Viv generously gifts the community.

    Hail, Guide Star! 🌠 🧚🏻♀


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    Welcome to the forums and enjoy Vivaldi Browser
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    In case you don't know, the rules

  • @JoaBravo Best news of the day!!!!!!!! You're back and we are at least a pair of users who will be happy about your return. @hlehyaric and I were a bit worried about your silence.
    Also, seeing that your ancient posts suddenly disappeared was quite a shock. I remember really interesting, sensitive and helpful ones.
    I hope that JoaBravo will stay with now.
    Welcome back my dear!

  • @JoaBravo @Ornorm Il était temps! Welcome back. As @Ornorm said, we were missing you. I can confirm that the withdrawal of all your posts and topics was quite a shock. I hope you are here to stay.

  • @Ornorm and @hlehyaric - My heart sings, both of you know why. I also missed some topics I launched. The repercussion was greater and more suffered than I expected. Knowing that my zucchini talks caused you a sense of lack, however, is surprising. I have always been aware of their lack of value.

    Especially grateful to you, my dear friends.💘 💖 💖 💖

  • @lamarca - Grateful. In my range of age, it's dangerous I unlearn what I knew and have to relearn all from the beginning. Useful welcome!😁

  • hello JoaBravo and hello to everyone
    The missing partner was more boisterous than the absent member.
    Welcome JoaBravo.

    The Quinca71 member that is cited deserves honorable mention for good works in promoting browser, community, and language; imparting permanent imprint. By habit we are devouring each avatar and contemplating unmentioned nicknames [turncoat.] The focus of this exercise regales the community facet.

    Moving from the dog that remained behind to the flora that thrives in the wasteland seems to be in the wrong order. Giving a name that hides delightful possibilities of deeper meaning is true art. The avatar of fruit berry is Spring-like hope in contrast to the facts of nature of the plant. Your continuance is a greater truth of self.

    There is many variety of nightshade in the fields here.
    On our front patio is a potato plant and a nightshade plant; the leaves are very similar.
    In less than the first two sentences, between "Truly, ..." and "... defines..." I knew it was You.


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    Now that was unexpected as you have made lots of contributions, but nice to know you're still around. 👍

  • Community Manager

    @JoaBravo welcome back 🙂 nice to see you around again!

  • Moderator

    Welcome back. 👍

  • Should I say the same as to new forum members (Welcome here…)? It isn't incorrect, but it also isn't correct. So…

    Welcome here back, Quinca71 @JoaBravo!!! 🐶 😺 😸

  • @potmeklecbohdan

    When affective feelings join with good humor, praise becomes irresistible.

  • @An_dz

    The admiration for your performances thanks the compliment.

  • @ornorm and @hlehyaric - The previous profile soon created and soon after removed was created especially for a particular farewell message for both of you. I was at the intention of disapearing.

    JoaBravo is created under other expectation. The intention is to keep up. Not with the intensity of Quinca 71. The DNA 🤤 is increasing the vigor of its domain, claiming for its reality, and much probably will not allow. But at least JoaBravo will stay, even if limited to his corner.

  • @i_ri - You are very special and my astronaut equipment is still not up to my use when trying to reach your level / grade. Yes, because your depth is high, not for what descends, and the necessary equipment is not a diving suit. Wait for me, please.

  • @slake - Giving especial thanks for your upvote. Notification had scarcely arrived and without no needing search anywhere, the image of the untranslatable glance of your dog, which deeply conquered me, has brought who you are. [The untranslatable glance]-editing broken link.

    Editing in addition - 07/02/2019
    The untranslatable glance - asking license to @slake to upload the beloved image, which I have had the savior intuition of download to my archives.

    O Olhar Inefável (Slake).jpg
    New edition (In additional post that I intend add I will try better explain.

  • @JoaBravo It was a honor that you did contact us directly with that profile but I'm more pleased by the decision you've taken now. Coming back here will give us the immense joy to read your unique and flavoured messages 😉

  • @JoaBravo I'm glad to read that is a real comeback.
    That' s not true that your former posts lacked value. You're a gentleman and your posts are full of an exquisite politeness, something rare in this world. Moreover, your topics are refreshing and far from the sound and fury of some other topics and posts. You deserve our gratitude.

  • Hello JoaBravo
    You repeat this, "I am special. For me this Does Not Apply." It is at Your heel.

    Giving Thanks of Your return by all here and probably more unseen with a message:

    do not hesitate to do this over and over
    and over and over and again and again
    for each name you put upon is a strong building block to the vivaldi forum foundation severally strong and united firm in sunshine and nightshade and of anything You sing.

    {[(furnished with requirement that no special suit of clothes is required; did you see the one about ghosts wear clothes and How?)]}

  • @Ornorm and @hlehyaric

    My last 2 upvotes for both you bring back "l'ensemble de l'oeuvre" 😍 . Source to which I perhaps cannot appeal, all written proofs are gone with the rest of the content from Quinca71. But feelings and remembrances are indelible.
    And, when they are proclaimed by a (still) good and reliable memory, persist serving as proof.

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