JoaBravo is a new name in the Forums, but...

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    When I say that you are special, I do not say it in vain. My main involvement with you was in the memorable topic "Malicious ways of nicknames and sayings," in which it was not for your stakes, it would not have yielded even 15% of the (much) it yielded. When that topic was at its peak, we started to exchange ideas through chat, where, more intimately, I was better able to evaluate your degree, where you gave me the certain conviction of being special.

    Now, you comment on my avatars and nicknames. My beloved shar-pei was the only avatar I had in the Opera / Vivaldi period. To have it lost (just as an avatar, not as a beloved image) saddens me. Viv preserved it at some mode. A great consideration.

    I agree that things went in the wrong order, as for images.

    As a nickname, you can read in my current profile, that my real first name is Joaquim. In my region of Brazil and especially in Portugal, the most applicable nickname is Quincas, which may vary for Quinca. In my region, you can apply also the nickname Joá, much less used. Joá (or Juá) is a fruit very appreciated in the northeast of the country, except for the variety Joá-bravo or juá-bravo). This is prickly, poisonous, therefore diverted from its fruit destination. Useless. Hence, my choice.

  • sim. concordo querido Solanaceae
    and Granted, of July 2017 presumed actor consistent with Quincas Borba both in picture of avatar and behavior insistent to relinquish was garnered become reality.

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    Welcome...back! 👍 🖖

    As usual I'm a day late and a dollar short. Like reading you post still laughing. From reading the above I guess I won't be moving to Portugal. Or become Portuguese.

  • @Para-Noid

    Thankful. Recommendations to Tinker Bell and Pistol Pete. But Portuguese is only the language, even so, as some Portuguese say, Portuguese at Brazilian hillside. I'm brasileiro, or, as Americans want: Brazilian, living in Brazil.

  • @hlehyaric said in JoaBravo is a new name in the Forums, but...:

    That' s not true that your former posts lacked value.

    I consider it an important answer for you. Inadvertently and unforgivably, I have let myself slide into the deceptive illusion that we are omniscient of our actions and the consequences they will generate. I have forgotten that the way in which the others to whom these contents have been addressed give it a far more comprehensive, valuable and true scope and dimension.
    I ask your pardon for the unforgivable and I am glad that the greatness of your heart and the heart of @ornorm have transfigured the effects and value of my contents that have come to you, giving them an unexpected grandeur, ignored of my own, and which should to be much more in line with the Truth.

  • @JoaBravo There is nothing to forgive. I just wanted to point out that we may see your posts in a different way. As you said, we never see our posts the way others see them and we never know how they will be received.

  • @i_ri

    Permit me asking: are you an accredited botanist?

  • no. are you one?
    "you an accredited botanist?"
    negative. The life of plants is a fascinating science. botany. In accord watching ants, Watching of brainless plants responding with division of labor to outside influence while protecting and preserving "drives" and purpose of existence in an order of priority is interesting.
    Plants outwardly communicate with posture, sound, appearance; ultimately the flavor of the fruit it produces. I try to read, listen, be sensitive to that. Yes plants talk to me. You wanted to hear that. Plants are beautiful. The wonder of a fresh bloom never before touched or viewed can be inspiration. Plants made our vessels for human emigrants to travel the World. Railroad tracks. Plants affected history, ask Cleopatra, in a way of homicide to this day. Plants fill the medicine cabinet. Plants fill out the dinner plate. Who can resist? I learned that city kids know more about cultivation than country kids. That seems contrary but true. I was a city kid. With a GrandPop that shared horticulture.
    Likewise You targeted the plant of chosen moniker and image. Well done. It grows in the cities of Brazszil. Maybe you are a city kid. or the city made impression on You. The plant is more durable of characteristic than the people. A tree planted will last longer than a post in this forum.
    Plants can spawn many topics: the chemistry of nutrition, recipes, algae and coral, climate research and air quality, where we need to replant from devastation of forest fires, economics, plants flavor life, artificial flavor, how vivaldi is a branch of chromium, do you want file system or bookmarks displayed as a tree, ...

    Read up on how to create new topic and get going! First have cup of coffee or tea or wine or prune juice or guarana soda or chrysanthemum soda or ginger soda or root beer or ...
    Let's create posts! Welcome JoaBravo!

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    @JoaBravo My bad. I forgot you live in Brazil/Brasil.

  • @Folgore101

    Thanking and answering personally. "Follow" included in the thanks. And corresponded. Cheers,

  • @i_ri - just small slices, for the while. Let me take a breeze first. Physically and emotionally. Trying to get near from your inimitable style. Within my clumsy English redaction, without (much) immediate and / or remote corrections.

    From here on, you are interdicted to argue my statements about you being special or especial. This your response will grant you'll may not do it again.

    Out of sequence:

    While I go reading your posts, you stay floating around me never with more than seventeen years of age.

    I am not an accredited in botany and / or whatever else. I have a shy and (unhappily) lazy soul that express timidly, incompetently and painfully his passionate and impotent love for nature, plants, animals...

    I always come being an urban being, formerly a kid, currently an urban Methuselah.

    When and if breath move back, probably i'll return and go further. Nous allons le voir....

  • My themes are usually made up of irrelevant content. But - as we have seen on this topic - somehow miraculous, they produce surprising effects for some of my readers.

    The origin of this may be within two factors. I have my moments of sharp sourness. But for most of these occasions, I am imbued with high feelings, my heart palpitates under good feelings, randomly, and fingers run through the keyboard ...

    Some readers seem to notice the vibrations. The inconsequential themes transcend the vulgar meaning of words. Then a tuning is established. From this, an alchemist and immaterial fusion occurs among me and these readers. And I am raised on a magic carpet of effusion. Because the merit of consequence comes much more from those dear readers than from myself, if any.

  • 0_1562596793280_06ae5f56-117c-43f2-8950-a61eda8febbb-image.png

    Allow me, companions, a short off-topic. For, somehow, reduce the nostalgia. The topic about avatars is gone. An unique jest, but having as theme two usernames.

    List of users, now at page 1. Paypayer, arrived 7/7/2019, 23:46. Saboteur2, same date, 23:12.
    Paypayer arrived to pay his debits. Saboteur2, voulant et avide de l'empêcher de payer en francs xpf, a été mélangé, dans les plus brefs délais nécessaires à sa réalisation.

  • @Para-Noid - I just found the son or grandson of Pistol Pete. No other place found to add this little "off topic", Can it be forgiven.
    User: johnnada


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    @JoaBravo, welcome back, I hope this time your stay lasts longer. 👍🏻

  • @Catweazle

    Thanks, dear companion.

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    @i_ri I may be six months late dad had a Ph.D. in botany. Not me.

  • @Para-Noid said in JoaBravo is a new name in the Forums, but...:

    @i_ri I may be six months late dad had a Ph.D. in botany. Not me.

    A possible crisis?
    If so, let me / (us) know when you get back to "belly laughs" (remember?) If it's none of this, forgive me the boldness of trying to puzzle it out.

    This is subtle enough. You would be probably the unique to understand...

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