Suddenly forced to press Ctrl+Enter to load URL?

  • I don't remember having anything misconfigured, but for a little while now (in TP3 and TP4), when I enter an URL into the address field, nothing happens when I press Enter; the browser starts loading the target site only when I press Ctrl+Enter. Is this intentional, or is there a way to fix this accident by resetting or reconfiguring hotkeys?

  • Moderator

    "Enter" works for me. Perhaps you have messed up your shortcuts.

  • Nice conclusion; but I can't imagine how. I never tried to configure shortcuts yet.

    Even after klicking "Restore default", it doesn't work anymore.

  • Moderator

    Non functional Enter in address field? That happened sometimes. Did you use Download panel before?

    Should be fixed in Snapshot versions after TP4.
    Please download latest Snapshot at and test it.

  • Yes, I do have the "Download" panel at the left border open usually.

    Calling an URL with Enter appears to work with the current snapshot.

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