Usability: What would you add? What would you change?.

  • First of all, thank you. For years the big companies have been trashing internet users and we must adapt to whatever crap they decide we must use now. There is no halfway nowdays, things are made extremely simple or extremely difficult, and if you want to personalize something and adapt it your way you have to be a rocket scientist and recode everything, or you are the grandma watching kitten videos on youtube and you take things as is. They forgot about us. So really, thank you. So I'm not a coder and I can't help with that, but I made this topic in the hope to contribute with the spirit of Vivaldi, and give ideas and an insight of what I think a web browser should have. Here are some... [B]Things that doesn't work for me[/B] - Alt key should highlight the horizontal menu. - Tab resize anyone?. - When scrolling with the mouse wheel the pointer doesn't change, scrolling up and down gets annoying. - 'Disable search in adress field' doesn't work. - Tab switching should be different, having to view every web page opened when Alt-Tab it's not just a bad idea, it's terrible for the sight if you do it fast. - 'Bookmarks' should be a menu in the horizontal menu, like historically was. - I like the side panel, I have nothing against it, but sometimes, or most of the times in my case I want to view downloads or whatever in full window. The only way I found is to type vivaldi://downloads in the address bar, I rather ctrl+j. - Browsing facebook the links crashed. Weird, dunno how to explain, but after an unknown error I couldnt interact with the site anymore, just scroll up and down. This still happened after reloading the page. - Button to change grouped tabs is too small. If you have many is hard and unproductive. - I want to disable autocomplete on address bar so badly... [b]Things I'd like[/B] - 'Direct download'. - A way to interact with the keyboard when something like the password thing pops up. - Content options!. Basic things like enabling/disabling javascript, flash, GIF and html5 stuff. Site Options was awesome and Vivaldi must have it (I mean right-clicking or something, not ://settings) - Dropdown and 'Go button' on address bar. - 'Loading' on status bar, and stuff like download speed, elements loaded, etc. It's kind of annoying not knowing if the page is loading, the only way is by seeing if there is a cross or a reload icon 😣 - Editable sourcecode. EDITABLE SOURCECODE AND APPLY CHANGES. I can't tell how many sites I've been able to surf by patching it's sourcecode, and it's a powerful tool for web designers for quick fixes or tests and/if you don't need something advanced like dev tool or dragonfly. And if you are editing a local file you can ctrl+r and save it without opening an IDE. I really love it, so pleeease. - User modes on a button, disabling tables or floats and etc is a power user must. - In the future it would be cool to drag and drop to personalize the interface. I've had the same layout for 10 years or more and I would like to keep it my way. - Vivaldi Portable would be cool. - Content Blocking and Reload Every... would be nice. - You could also make an android version. At the pace you are going I bet you could do this while you drink your coffee and have it by tomorrow ;p Anyway, do you think some of this is viable?. What else would you add?.

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    Heh. I don't care about any of that stuff, though many may.

    I just want my bookmarks bar vertical on one side, and I want Email.

    That's it. Then I'm happy.

  • [ol]

    • Alt Key should pull down the menu even when it's hidden like in IE & FF
    • Max and Min Tab sizes as in Opera 11.64 would be nice
    • Mouse pointers should change, but they don't. Reported bug as VB-8009 already for left/right cursor on panels, but Fast Scroll cursor may be the same issue
    • Mousewheel scroll can switch tabs
    • Bookmarks menu is only sometimes useful in Opera. I mostly use the panel with Quick Find, but occasionally use Alt Key to access favourite bookmarks via the menu. Allt B (Bookmarks), etc.
    • Downloads in Panel is fine. There's a setting to open it automatically, or to download without asking to default downloads folder. Ctrl J does show downloads by default.
    • Click on the icon in the URL field to access site preferences
    • 4 pixel high strip to show Tabs in stack is too big. 1 pixel would be plenty. Try enabling the thumbnail popups if you want a big target to select tabs in stacks
    • I don't need Autocomplete either
    • User modes are on the Status bar, bottom right, Page Actions, next to Zoom slider

    I am hoping for mnemonic shortcuts for commands like f,t,p = Execute Program, "FTP Commander" etc.

  • I would really think it to be great that when you open a new tab that with one key combination (e.g. Ctrl+click) it would open a normal tab at the end, but another key combination (e.g. Middle mouse click) will add to the current tab stack.

  • 1. Dragging out tabs into a new (chromeless) window would be nice.

    Would let me keep a chat window, or a youtube stream, in the corner of my monitor while I did something else.

    Bonus points if its possible to add a "always on top" option to this window.

    2. EDITABLE SOURCECODE - I'll second this. Live editing so development is so freaking useful (and yes, you can sort of do it with the inspector, but its hardly made for it)

  • All I need is keyboard shortcuts for my speed dials and I'd be happy

  • +1 For the bookmark menu, or at least single-click for the bookmarks in the panel (although a menu is preferred).

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