Problematic interaction between inertial scrolling on OS X and command key and option/alt

  • Unfortunately, scrolling with inertia on OS X is handled by the system in essence pretending to any listening programs that the mouse (or touch surface on the touchpad) is still sending out scroll events. This has the unfortunate effect (unless you disable inertial scrolling in System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > [Mouse|Trackpad] Options...) that if you scroll, and forget to wait for the scrolling to entirely subside (or tap the touch surface to stop scrolling) before pressing the command key (⌘) or option/alt key (⌥), you suddenly have the application acting like you're ⌘-scroll ⌥-scrolling. For example, if I scroll down a page with a finger flick on the touch-sensitive Magic Mouse, and then (with my hand even off the mouse) within a few seconds press ⌘F to search for something, suddenly I'm zooming out. (If page scrolling hit a page end, you don't get even have visual evidence that scrolling input is still being communicated to the program, but it is, and you need to wait a few seconds for it to stop or tap the touch surface to explicitly tell the system to stop.) Similarly, if I pressed ⌥P to bring up panels, I could suddenly unexpectedly switching tabs. It's happened often to me (and surely other people using inertial scrolling). A reasonable solution would be for Vivaldi to temporarily ignore continued scroll input if a modifier key is pressed while scrolling is still in progress. If scrolling stops, then starts up again, it is safe to assume the user is actually deliberately scrolling. That is, for zoom and tab switching, ignore any scroll events that are not preceded by some minimum number of milliseconds (while the current modifier key is being pressed) of no scrolling. If that's unclear, this may help. [img][/img] [center]Time →[/center]

  • Update: In Snapshot, they appear to have eliminated the unexpected zooming problem by just disabling ⌘+scroll zooming altogether. ("VB-7705 [Mac] Zooming when clicking on ⌘ after scrolling with touch pad") There's still a (less common) issue of alt/option unexpectedly switching tabs during a scroll fade-out.

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