I want to delete the vivaldi recycle bin icon.

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    I want to delete the vivaldi recycle bin icon.

    I did a search, but I do not know how to use it with CCS, JS.

    Is there any way to delete this icon more easily?

  • @red7505 The only way I can think of removing it is with a CSS mod. Thankfully I figured it out thanks to Pesala. You can add this file by going to the link and clicking clone or download then download zip.

    Before you start though this setup is easier if you have the Snapshot version of Vivaldi. You can either download that or wait till the next major Stable release. Enter vivaldi://experiments in your address bar then hit enter. There enable "Allow for using CSS modifications".

    Then you unzip the previous provided folder and move it to a safe place where you won't delete it. I recommend the Vivaldi folder found on Windows under C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Vivaldi or you may have installed it as a program then it's either in C:/Program Files/Vivaldi or C:/Program Files (x86)/Vivaldi.

    Once you've done that, go to settings and search for CSS then click "Select Folder". Then select the folder with the remove-trashcan.css file. Then restart Vivaldi and you should be good!

  • @red7505 Note that removing the Trash Can will not stop Vivaldi from saving closed tabs. I think they will still be available in the Window Panel.

  • i think its a great feature that...first time ive seen that on a browser

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