Why do all use Chromium

  • @datacenter
    Actually I'm a casual user and very pleased after switching over from Firefox/Google combo. Being non-technical, my reasons are more intuitive than evidence based.

    One, I have around 8 to 10 tabs open anytime & so far have not run into 'captcha'.

    On political news search: In this short period (2 months), a search for say latest on Trump; I get a wider spread rather than being corralled by Google to Leftist sources. With Google, if I searched for general or right tilted sources, and had more than 4 tabs opened, invariably I would run into 'captcha'.

    Speed: Browser seems faster and that can also be a problem. Mouse hovers over a field / topic and bingo, I'm there. Maybe it's my imagination but i feel there's some sort of friendly AI embedded in.

    What the heck, if the browser is listening to me who needs a gf? I would definitely recommend Vivaldi to casual users, not all ...., just friends.

  • @jaish said in Why do all use Chromium:

    FYI Vivaldi has nothing to do with CAPTCHAs (that's website specific) or search results (that's search engine specific)


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