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  • Excuse me for my bad English.

    I would like that Vivaldi will incorporate a system to save contents to "read later", being able to organize them with labels and have a page similar to SpeedDial where they are more visible and to navigate among them easily

    This option could be accessible from the web panel or from SpeedDial itself. The bookmarking system does NOT satisfy me for this, because sometimes I just want to have them there to "read later" and when I read them I want to discard them, or if they were useful simply to archive them, but NOT to see them "occupying space", the bookmarks can be overwhelming when many are added.

    It would also be interesting to be able to share them directly on Facebook, Twitter, with other vivaldi users, etc.

    Greetings and keep it up with Vivaldi, it's my default browser for more than 1 year 🙂

  • @brianerc Please vote for the existing feature request.

    Possibility to Keep Tabs for Later

  • Moderator

    @brianerc hi. As noted by pesala we already have a request very similar to this, so please vote for that instead. Feel free to add your idea about how to implement it on that topic if you want.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @brianerc have you considered using Notes? You can find the feature on the panels bar. Create a new note title TO READ LATER and drag the URL of the page you want to read later to that note to add it. If you have markup enabled, it displays as a link automatically.
    Or create a note for each one, as you prefer...

    Simple and easy but full of potential. Maybe it's a good workaround for you while what you suggested isn't implemented...


  • @pauloaguia Thanks for your answer, the problem with using the notes is that the more links you have, the harder it is to find them. There is a web tool called that does exactly what I mention, but I am surprised that something similar to web browsers has not yet been integrated.

    Regards 🙂

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