Nuova Snapshot 2.6.1566.6

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    Altro aggiornamento che sistema varie regressioni relative al campo dell'indirizzo. Address field fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1566.6


    • [New] Allow to open “Find in Page” result with keyboard via Ctrl+Enter if it is a link (VB-3341)
    • [Regression][Address field] Typed history no longer shows (VB-53917)
    • [Regression][Address field] Autocomplete page NOT selected when pressing Enter (VB-52891)
    • [Regression][Address field] Caret position in address selection not in the beginning (VB-53935)
    • [Regression][Address field] Autocomplete seems slow (VB-53846)
    • [Regression][Settings] Problems when trying to set a new tab with specific page (VB-53816)
    • [Regression][Tabs] Tab Bar disappears and cannot be restored until restart of the browser (VB-51912)
    • [Panels] Make the sidebar toggle animation smoother (VB-53676)
    • [Panels] Last used Web Panel loads on startup even if the side panel is collapsed (VB-53836)
    • [Quick Commands] Tab key should autocomplete (VB-45630)
    • [Settings] Include username in password search (VB-48320)
    • [Settings] Misaligned Select Folder button (VB-53854)
    • [Tabs] Resize early when closing tabs with middle mouse button shortcut (VB-18469)
    • Browser crashes when I close a tab (VB-53657)
    • Image inspector long exposure is displayed incorrectly (VB-32739)
    • Moving UI button over tab activates it (VB-50416)
    • Upgraded Chromium to 75.0.3770.82

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