Ad blockers or not – your choice matters

  • not about to pay even 50 cents to view the content / information on most sites. all in all i probably visit well over 2500 different sites over the course of a year. think i'm giving away 1,250 dollars a year?

  • @LonM said in Ad blockers or not – your choice matters:

    @floweringmind I don't know if I'd go quite that far with the metaphor, but I know for sure that on a subscription as low as £1 per year many sites I visit even semi-frequently would get more over a year than any ad revenue (which could eften end up being as low as $0.001 per view).

    According to Arkenea an average user's worth per year is:

    • $182 to Google.
    • $158 to Facebook.
    • $733 To Amazon.
    • $81 to Twitter.
    • $69 to LinkedIn.
    • $70 to Yahoo.
    • $474 to Ebay.
    • $621 to Alibaba.
    • $25 to Yelp.
    • $28 to Groupon.

  • Basically, all UNWANTED ads say only one thing: "give me your money". And they try to present me this sentence in all kinds of stupid ways to try trick me give my money for something I do not want. How do I now I don't want that something? Simple: because I WASN'T SEARCHING FOR IT.

    I personally am so SICK of uncalled ads that I immediately turn off TV when they start. That's the reason I gave up on watching TV.
    Same with webpages. I always use adblockers and the moment they stop function is the moment I will stop reading webpages. I rather prefer to pay for content I really need then to be assaulted by "cretinoid" ads.

    On the other hand I am OK with ads for the products/services I am looking for. That's why I like store pages, sites dedicated to commercials where I can find offers for the things I need, at the time I am in the mood to search for them, NOT WHEN I TRY TO FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE.

    I want to see our society free of this plague and ad-blocking enforced by law. In my view this will increase the quality of life for all peoples. Ads should only be allowed on special places or sites where people looking for something can search for what is relevant to them, without disturbing the ones that are not interested.
    I am well aware that the corporations who rule the world today will never allow this to happen. They only need brainwashed-human-cattle to buy their crap mindlessly.

    Things will only change if EACH of you will start rejecting ALL unwanted ads.

  • I'm not a highly technical person but I really do like the Vivaldi browser and was disappointed to hear about Google's decision to end support for ad blockers. I understand that Vivaldi may have some options to make it still possible for its users to browse the web they want to, but I am concerned still and am wondering if it makes sense to switch now to a browser that isn't based on Chrome so that I won't have to rush to do it later. This is so disappointing.

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    Research Shows Publishers Benefit Little From Tracking Ads

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