I miss the tab bar in full screen

  • Apparently there is no way to hide just the window bar and go full screen?

    I know I can use keyboard shortcuts, but that is not a good option on a touch screen. I'd like to have full screen without the need to use a keyboard then. Any ideas?

  • @m-go I don't understand what you mean by fullscreen if all you want to hide is the Window Title bar.

    In Settings, Appearance, disable "Use Native Window," and restart. The Window Title bar is then overlaid by the Tabs.

    Right-click can be used to Enter/Leave fullscreen. If you want to see the address bar in fullscreen, without using the Ctrl+L shortcut, assign a mouse gesture to the Focus Address Field command or to the Address Bar command if you want the navigation icons, etc.

    0_1559467470243_Mouse Gesture for Address Bar.png

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