Snapshot - Draggable tab bar, favicons in the address bar and spatial navigation …..

  • [quote=ruario] Today's build includes two nice changes to the tab bar, favicon support in the address bar dropdown, spatial navigation improvements and Windows installer fixes. [b]Tab bar improvements[/b] A lot of you complained that it was impossible to drag the window on the tab bar. We hence spent some time fixing this for you. On the downside this means that middle clicking on the tab bar to open a new tab does not work anymore for now.... [b]Address field favicons[/b] In the address bar drop drop down, we have added in favicon support, making it a little easier to locate correct URL, with just a quick glance! [b]Spatial navigation and more[/b] There are also a bunch more fixes to spatial navigation, the Windows installer and a keyboard shortcut fix. Scroll down to the changelog for more information.[/quote]

  • mais uma atualização! 😉

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