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    Each Web Panel have its specific size, for example, today is so when I set the size of my WhatsApp panel, for example, this size is taken as default for all others (downloads, bookmarks, history, etc.).The proposal would be the following I would modify the size of the Web panel (Whatsapp), only that this value would only be worth to this web panel, the others would be with their values "default ".

    Cada painel Web ter seu tamanho específico, por exemplo, hoje é assim quando eu defino o tamanho do meu painel WhatsApp, por exemplo, este tamanho é tomado como padrão para todos os outros (downloads, bookmarks, história, etc).A proposta seria o seguinte eu modificaria o tamanho do painel web (Whatsapp), só que esse valor só valeria para esse painel web, os outros ficariam com seus valores "padrão".

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    @Nlope Already possible. right click and select "separate width".


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    @LonM Nice! Lack of attention my 😅

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