Snapshot - Draggable tab bar, favicons in address bar and spatial navigation improvements

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    Today's build includes two nice changes to the tab bar, favicon support in the address bar dropdown, spatial navigation improvements and Windows installer fixes.

  • Awesome! 😃 Thank you so much!

    Will be using V by default from now on.

  • Just a small follow up, after using V for the past couple days.

    A BIG THANK YOU to all the devs for UI performance improvements! Its much 'snappier'!
    In fact Vivaldi seems to be the fastest browser on my Laptop at the moment, UI is much more responsive then latest Opera (they really broke it a few version ago)

    There are still some quirks here and there, I am making notes and will post them soon.

  • Strange Behavior of Resizing Button

    With Vivaldi (Entwickler-Build) dev (64-Bit) on Debian 'Jessie' the button in the middle of the three standard window manipulators isn't showing the normal switching between resizing and maximizing. It's the same with TP4.
    The desktop environment is Gnome 3.
    If the Vivaldi window is maximized, it has the correct appearance. Pushing it is making the window smaller in the correct way but now it doesn't change its appearance to 'maximizing' and stays unchanged. In this state you can't resize the window with your pointing device or maximize it again. You only can close or minimize it. If, during this state, you are focussing the window of a different application, the button in the background changes its appearance to the correct 'maximizing' picture and everything is back to normal.

    Is anybody else experiencing this behavior?

    On Mint 17 (Cinnamon) or Win8.1 this doesn't happen.


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