Support for Firefox add-ons.

  • In the face of the manifest v3 and possible further steps, Google in modifying chromium in a way unpleasant for the user could be to secure the freedom and freedom of use of Vivaldi by introducing the possibility of installing add-ons from Firefox? It would be an accessible allusion for the user who could use chrome or firefox revisions. On the occasion of this change, it would be useful to add a new extension menu that would separate the add-ons from firefox and chrome.

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    @MattSolo45 It will probably never happen.

    See this earlier thread

  • As Firefox is currently working on supporting Chromium extensions, it would seem kind of silly.

  • @sgunhouse Why stupid? if you know what Google can do with your own add-ons, or rather mainly Ad-block, ublock origin, etc., it is probably possible to install add-ons that may disappear or be ineffective on chromium browsers (brave add-ons built-in so there is nothing to worry about to be scared) is probably a good idea. Are you not? Although you are a moderator in the opera and the opera has its own store with additions, so maybe you do not care as much as others.

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    You can not add all Firefox extensions, the old XPI format is incompatible to Chromiums. And some Firefox Webextension addons do have access to Mozilla-only features. And the signing of the addons is completely different and will be checked by a Mozilla server, so Chromium devs would be forced to implement a test for Mozilla signature.

    I fear such wish will get a 'Will not do' by Chromium devs.

  • If your goal is to use extensions like ublock origin then you might be surprised that you can already do it. Unpack .xpi from firefox and install unpacked extension. Source files are identical except the manifest.

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    Thanks for sharing your request. I'm not sure this discussion will be very productive and efficient. As mentioned in this thread, we’re continuing to watch the situation closely - a lot can still change. It’s our intention to continue to support content blockers. Our mission will always be to ensure users have the choice.

    I won't close this topic though technically speaking it doesn't make sense for us to support Firefox add-ons as it's another technology that is not compatible with ours.

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