Filter saved passwords – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1560.4

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot makes it easier to locate a previously saved password and updates our Chromium back end to 75.

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  • Filtering passwords has been a long time coming 🙂

  • Loving that picture 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    @emileichhoernchen: filtering… right‽ 😜

  • Moderator

    Changed flags with the Chrome engine bump:


    #enable-reader-mode 🤔🤔🤔 HMM I wonder where they got that idea
    #scrollable-tabstrip 🤦‍ Vivaldi is now lagging behind here
    #enable-portals 👀 This sounds interesting. See and



  • With the 'show context menu on double click' experiment enabled, I am not able to search from the context menu. Both the 'Search' and 'Search with' options don't do anything.

    This is the case whether the feature is enabled in the settings or not. After unchecking the feature in the 'experiments' page (and restarting), search works as expected from the context menu.

    Not sure if this was the case in the previous snapshot.

    I'm on Linux Mint 19

  • Moderator

    Did you know you could double-click an icon in the password manager to quickly visit that site? I didn't, but now there's a tooltip to let you know you can.


  • Moderator

    Filtering by login name would be a Nice-to-have, i hope such will come next. 👍

  • Ambassador

    Nice 🤝

  • Please add a master-password like in firefox. At work, everyone can read my passwords.

  • Moderator

    @proxxy Please upvote the request at

  • Moderator

    @proxxy You should need to enter your login credentials to view passwords. Is this not the case for you?

  • @LonM it asks for one only if you HAVE to login to Windows, at home for example I have only 1 user on my PC, and no login is required, so no login credentials are asked when showing password in settings/privacy

  • I'm still loving the CSS mod folder, no need to do "the procedure" every single update 👍✌

  • @Pathduck it's only half-OK for me, still lacking .js support, so it's not time saving for me yet, but so far so good. Restarting after update and seeing already the CSS mods at work is nice. Until it's possible to add .js to the mods I still have to manually update.

  • Confirm closing window works again (at least for me) 😃

  • It's just for me or Vivaldi doesn't save passwords anymore?
    I've tried deleting 2 entries from settings/privacy/passwords, the entries for and
    I have entered the user/pass but the entries in settings/password are not populated again, so no user/pass field gets autofilled anymore.
    When hovering on the username and password fields - when trying to login on the sites - a tooltip appears on them saying

    Overall type: UNKNOWN_DATA
    Server type: NO_SERVER_DATA
    Heuristic type: UNKNOWN_DATA


    Edit: Vivaldi doesn't even asks me if I want to save the password, but I just checked
    settings/Privacy/Save webpage password is checked.
    chrome://settings/passwords and it's set to offer to save passwords.
    What I am missing?

  • @lonm A pretty neat feature. It was already available in 2.4, (maybe even earlier, but I found out in that version).

    Also, you can also double click the url, it doesn’t have to be the icon. Actually scratch that; it seems to have been changed in this snapshot. The good thing is that now you can select the url or the account name.

  • Moderator

    @AltCode I'm sure it has been in for quite a while, but I never knew about it as a feature until now. I think it would be even more discoverable if the cursor switched to a hand 👆 and you could single-click it.

  • @lonm: Wow the portals are very interesant

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