Multiple duplicates of bookmark folders

  • I just created a new bookmark and, I was wondering why the scrollbar looked like it had very long to scroll, I discovered that Vivaldi has created multiple copies of bookmark folders:
    bookmark folders

    The numbers show how many bookmarks are inside and they are all the same because Vivaldi also created copies of those bookmarks inside the folders.

    Why did this happen? How did this happen?

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    @jxzero Normally something like this would be a sync malfunction. And Sync is on the fritz right now.

  • @Ayespy I was gonna ask how to stop it, but if it's a malfunction of the Sync tool, does that mean there's nothing that can be done about it on the user side? At least, for now?

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    @jxzero Are there a lot of bookmarks you need to save? If not, go into sync and reset remote data. This will require you to choose a new paswsword. Don't log back in to sync yet. Close the browser and visit your profile on your hard disc, and rename and move (say, to your desktop) your bookmark file in the Default folder. Log back in to sync and start over.

    If there are a lot of bookmarks you want to preserve, let me know, and we'll handle this a little differently. It will be more labor-intensive.

  • @Ayespy So, I did all that and did not consider first how I will be putting back the bookmarks 🤦♀ Now, they're all gone...

    There weren't very many, but there were a few. How do I put them back?

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    @jxzero I told you there was a different procedure if there were bookmarks you wanted to save.

    In that case you would have had to export them as an HTML file so that you didn't lose them.

    Did you rename the "bookmarks" file and save it elsewhere as I suggested?

  • @Ayespy said in Multiple duplicates of bookmark folders:

    @jxzero I told you there was a different procedure if there were bookmarks you wanted to save.

    @Ayespy - I am in a similar situation. All my bookmark folders have been duplicated, 12 copies of each one (all contents apparently identical), except for Speed Dial which has just one duplicated copy (so 2 Speed Dial folders).

    There is no sync set up and I have never used the sync feature.

    I looked into restoring the '~/.config/vivaldi/Default/Bookmarks' file from a full system backup but it turned out that the backup file was identical - I must have backed up without noticing that the duplicated folders problem had already occurred.

    What is the 'different procedure'? All I want to do is remove all the duplicated folders, keeping 1 copy of each, as it was before this problem occurred.


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    @mattst For your case, there is nothing for it but to delete the offending folders. They should stay deleted. Is this not the case?

  • @Ayespy Yeah, I thought it would be that you were talking about. It was too late when I thought that. I do have the "bookmarks" file saved. Does that help? Can I get the old bookmarks back with them?

    Also, they just keep coming back. Those bookmarks which should have been deleted are back - not the ones I saved, but the default ones that come with the browser. The multiple duplicates are also back. I don't know how it is for @mattst right now, but these bookmarks don't seem to want to stay deleted.

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    @jxzero If you saved the bookmarks file before you deleted bookmarks, then you can get all your old bookmarks back by putting it back into your profile on your hard drive. I would save a backup. If you are using the Snapshot stream, then at present those default bookmarks are being installed again on some users' machines with each update. If you are not updating, then I cannot for the life of me imagine a mechanism that would keep replicating them - except for sync.

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