Disable Escape key for exiting fullscreen?

  • I like to use Vivaldi in fullscreen mode, but I have a problem: I use a number of sites that make use of the Escape key; for instance, to cancel editing a cell in Google Sheets. I also tend to hit Escape after I'm done with a Find in Page dialog. The escape key does get to the webpage app (or closes the Find box), but it also exits fullscreen. Unfortunately, the Toggle Full Screen menu item is not associated with the Escape key, so I can't fix this issue by remapping that menu item in Keyboard Preferences. Is there some other way to use the Escape key without exiting fullscreen mode?

  • This.

    Having the escape key take you out of full-screen is a huge annoyance when using apps like Google Docs which make use of the escape key. If the app traps the escape key, the browser shouldn't.

  • BUMP!

    This is the single most irritating thing. I always browse full screen. I can barely use this browser to watch youtube, because my default way to close full screen videos is to hit escape, which bumps me into windowed mode. Only with youtube videos, the browser UI disappears, and when the browser goes to windowed mode, it crashes entirely. Even when I'm not on youtube it's still irritating; though the browser doesn't crash, any time I would normally hit escape (facebook full screen, and any website or game that has some reason to use my escape button), Vivaldi exits full screen mode. My literal only issue with Vivaldi.

  • I was actually coming here just now to post this exact question. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. Surprised it's been a thing this long! This thread was opened in July '15 šŸ˜• Guessing it's not to trivial to fix.

  • Soā€¦Ā bump?

    Can't fault Vivaldi because IĀ think it took a while for Safari and Chrome to fix the same issue (and it's basically Apple's fault), but it's infuriating when it inevitably happens and you have to set up your windows again. (Especially now that I'm using Split View, so organizing my full-screen windows requires extra precision.) It can't take more than a few lines of codeā€¦Ā IĀ couldn't find the exact answer but it looks like overriding the window's cancelOperation: could be the solution?


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