[Solved]How can I make Vivaldi remember my video time ?

  • I noticed that Vivaldi doesn't remember where I was in the video when I close the browser where previously I could close any video go back to it and it remembered where I was in the video. I thought this feature was a part of my youtube account and not from the browsers but apparently this feature is not available when I switched over from opera to vivaldi so I would like to know if it's possible to make it work as I like that feature.

  • I don't know the way it works but it should be Youtube to remember where you stopped the video the last time, and it should do that with cookies I guess
    Do you clear your cache/cookies when you close your browser?
    Plus I think it remembers where you left only if you're logged in, are you logged in when you try to do that?

  • Yes I am logged in when I do it so it might be something with the cookies but I haven't touched those settings after I got the browser and from the privacy menu I see it accepts all cookies and it doesn't seem to delete them so I haven't got a clue why it doesn't work.

  • I made a research and many people even find it irritating:

    "I like to listen to music on Youtube, and I typically listen to full albums.
    The problem is that ever since Google+ and Youtube have been integrated, (that's when I noticed it, maybe it was doing this before,) Youtube picks up wherever the video was at when I closed it. I find this really annoying.
    If I open a video then I intend to watch it from the beginning. If I decide I want to watch it from any other point, then I will start it from there manually.
    Is there any way to disable this? It's really irritating; I don't need Google telling me how much of a video I want to watch, or where to watch it from.
    TL;DR Google+ and Youtube are annoying. How can I make videos start from the beginning no matter what?"

    Be careful anyway, this feature should only work for videos over 15-20 minutes long as the following user states. Are you trying to check if Vivaldi can remember the point where you stopped with short videos? That could be the problem

    "No easy solution for this other than to skip to the end of the video.
    YouTube will do this for any video that is over about 15 to 20 minutes long. They implemented this because of a large amount of people that were watching long format videos, such as lectures and presentations, and were irritated that when stop watching because they ran out of time on their lunch break, got to their destination, etc… that YouTube didn't pick up where they left off when they left off and causing a real hassle to try and pick it back up without some hassle. Something that is much more difficult to do than just skipping to the end if you want it to start over again."

    If it still doesn't work try this extensions:
    It automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last.
    If you can't see a download button click on the "g" on the right and press back to come back to the last page

    If you don't wanna install any extension there's a trick:

    share the video and select "start at 1:00" for example, save the generated link and the next time you'll open that link it will start to reproduce from 1:00

  • Ok it seems you are right! I tested out a 15 min video and it didn't remember, but with videos longer than 20 minutes they do seem to remember their last location so I have no problem anymore now as I still have the feature where it matters most.

    Thanks for the help.


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