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  • I have just come across an alternative browser running on Chromium with good features. I have never heard of it so I have a few questions. Does it have a good reputation? Is Vivaldi going to be better?

  • Forget it. Too dangerous. Symantec does not trust it. On a Mac, all is well, but when I search for Alternatives to Citrio, a popup window asked why. On Win7, I could not switch between programs with it active. Icons on the taskbar for Firefox and Outlook were flashing. I removed from both systems.

    Contrary to internet reports, I was not given the Ask toolbar, but five unnecessary addons were added. They could be disabled but not removed.

    Download convenience was good, but not worth the above. Vivaldi is much more reliable.

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    Looks like bad news.

    Comments to that article link to additional data. It definitely looks like bad, bad news.

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    hello guys, i am a windows user, i am testing the citrio now but the only reason is the fact I get a 4shared premium account for free using this browser. But I would like to use the premium version in Vivaldi. Is there any way I "simutate" the Citrio on Vivaldi, maybe creating a UA string of Citrio on Vivaldi (i have some UA changer extensions, i think i can create new UAs) ?

  • Citrio, never heard of it… It seems unpopular. I wouldn't use it.


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