TP4: Privacy features + Tab freeze + Bookmarks management

  • Hi, First, congratulations to you guys for your work! Vivaldi browser is already pretty awesome compare to the other most famous (at least for now) browsers! I have some suggestions about options that can be added in the privacy settings: - Passwords saving: on / off (currently, default is on but can't be changed) - History management: remember history / remember until exit / Never remember / Custom settings(exceptions, 3rd party cookies...). The "cache management" does not appear too. - Allow geolocation: on / off - Allow websites to use webcam, microphone: Always allow / Ask me before / Never allow Then, I noticed a bug about some tabs that can freeze when you put the mouse cursor quickly on it. It stays in active status and then you can't do anything with it using the mouse (see attached picture: the mouse cursor is anywhere but not on the left tab). You have to close the tab with the appropriate keyboard command. And finally, I have suggestions about the bookmarks menu. - Though the speed dial is very easily managed, the bookmarks menu could still be a bit painful sometimes. When moving a folder or bookmark with the mouse, you have to first click to select it and then you have to click another time to move it wherever you like to. Otherwise, nothing happens on the first click. Just saying that 2 clicks is one click too much. - Moreover, when you have several bookmark folders and you're moving a bookmark, each time the cursor is going over a folder makes the latter folds down immediately (no delay). So, when you're at the top of the bookmarks menu, it can be very long until you reach the bottom when dragging a bookmark... - When saving/adding a bookmark to a folder, the bookmark goes to the bottom of the folder. Many times, it would be very useful if it stays on top as it's usually a bookmark that you're going to visit pretty soon after. Config: Fedora 22 - 64 bits. Thank you. [attachment=1479]vivaldi-bug.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]


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