Compatibalize APOD in new tab extension for Vivaldi?

  • At the Chrome web store there are several extensions that are supposed to show today's picture at from the popular NASA site Astronomy Picture of the Day. You can find them searching for "apod" and filtering extensions only. Most of the results are exactly for new tab. Unfortunately none of them seems working on Vivaldi. I installed them one by one -- enabling it, checking if it is working, restarting browser to make sure it doesn't help, disabling the extension and installing the next one. Are you aware of a way to make any of them work on Vivaldi?

  • I'm the author of the APOD-extension for Opera(15+)'s speeddial. For some time now I switched my default browser to Vivaldi but one of the things I'm still missing is proper extension support. So far, I was unable to make my Opera-extension work for Vivaldi due to the lack of a (documented) Speeddial-API. But rest assured, as soon as there's any way to make it work, I'll port it and release it.

  • Oh, I imagined it's probably too early to have this kind of extensions work, but just wanted to make sure 🙂
    Thank you! 🙂


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