(Unofficial) Channel on Riot! (Mods please pin?)

  • Dear Everyone,
    A kind soul (no me, I promise) has created a new matrix channel. I checked and it seems to have been around awhile and only has 2 ppl AFAIK. It doesnt seem to be platform dependant but as there are like 3x more activity on the windows sbuform I thought I would post here.

    Mods. If its possible to pin this post, or maybe make a better post it would be nice.

    For those that dont know Matrix/Riot think Slack meets IRC.
    Anyway. Would be nice to have more ppl there especially sense a bit more real time support would be useful.


    For what it worth here is the Internal room ID: !cAYPwkwOxJeYqWEtkb:matrix.org

  • Community Manager

    @alv thanks for sharing this new channel. I just joined and will look into it a bit further before promoting it ok? I just want to figure it out and see how we can maximize its spreading among the community ok? 🙂

  • @gaelle No problem on looking first. I just think it would be nice to have a vivaldi chat place.
    Thank you.

  • Community Manager

    @alv you're most welcome, actually following up your input. We just created this new category so we can have more things to share community related. 🙂

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