Strange Crashes

  • Over the past 6 months I have had crashes for a number of reasons, but I am unable to figure this one out. I found a user site that focuses on phonograph turntables - [i][u][/u][/i]. To access downloads I needed to register. I followed the steps and when I tried to log in as a registered member, Vivaldi crashed. I have had this happen before, so I restarted Vivaldi and tried again. Same results for about six restarts. I thought maybe I had too many tabs open, so I restarted Vivaldi with only my home page. Same thing. Then I went to Opera 12.17, Google Chrome and IE. Everyone of those browsers allowed the log in, no problem. As a work around, to just browse and read threads or reviews, I can use Vivaldi. But when I need to be logged into this site, I can go to Opera. I am using Win 7 x32, and Vivaldi x32. Does anyone have any ideas how to correct the problem?

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