Feature request

  • BUG - Tab cycling: 'Settings > tabs > [b]Tab Cycling order[/b] > Recently used': - works correctly for Ctrl+Tab shortcut, but not[b] for MouseRight + Scroll[/b] button (seems like 'Tab Order' all the time) FEATURE REQUEST 1 - Lazy load: [b]Lazy loading of tab content[/b] after browser launch is a very useful feature for me and I like it very much in Firefox. Tab loads only after I click on it. Speeds up browser launch with many opened tabs significantly. FEATURE REQUEST 2 - Tiling pages: When more pages are stacked and tiled next to each other, I would like to have option to [b]resize pages' columns[/b]. FEATURE REQUEST 3 - Developer tools: - possibility to [b]dock the tools' window[/b] in the bottom/side of the main browser window, not as separate window like now - separate [b]Cookies tab[/b] (not part of the Resources tab) with possibility to [b]add/change cookies[/b] Anyway, great work, longtime fan of Opera until it got... hijacked:) Vivaldi is going to be Opera as it should be, I hope. Thanks!


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