I can't comment on my blog

  • suddendly vivaldi says you have no the authorization i login many time , i can access but i can't make nothing :woohoo:

  • Can't confirm that, I can comment edit my comment and delete my comment in my blog …

    ... but I can't add images to my albums - not at all with Opera 12 and with the latest Chromium I even get logged out with the message
    "You are trying to view an invalid album"
    if I only want to view an album, not even upload something :blink:

    There seems to be something very broken with the authentication or the CDN(?) … :dry:

    Recent route:

    ... skipped vodafone network ...
    5    14 ms    14 ms    14 ms  xe-0-2-3-xcr1.amt.cw.net []
    6    27 ms    62 ms    49 ms
    7    19 ms    18 ms    16 ms

  • you are lucky if it's only albums :lol:
    what is it this CDN ? content delivery network ?
    i have see in "namecard" a connection with Joomla is true or false ? because Jommla has had worries those days

  • yes, content delivery network and yes, this stuff here is based on Joomla.

    BTW: Everything is back to normal again for me.

  • not for me alas ! i must reconnect to write here else I'm an inknow, but email is good

  • always the same bug !!! i can access to my account but i 'm not able to comment or change my pages or comments , i can access to my photos and email , i can comment the pages of other members
    is anybody here?

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