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    To have the ability/option to pin tab stacks would be great. And to have V remember if they are tiled too.

    This is not the same as
    They are diametrically different. One is stacking "after" pinning. My idea is to stack "before" pinning.

    Similar ideas. Different procedures. Thus not a duplicate.

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    @Para-Noid This is already available, though only via a keyboard shortcut (or mouse gesture).

    • Assign a shortcut to Pin/Unpin tabs, e.g. Shift+P
    • Select the tabs and tile them
    • Select them again and stack them
    • Execute the shortcut to pin them.

  • @Para-Noid Hi there, I have to say that I disagree. While they may be different procedures, the end result leads to the same thing.

    Regardless of that, in my own request I had already mentioned what you refer to as:

    Stack "before" pinning.


    It would be great if these tab stacks could be properly pinned, ...


    Stacking "after" pinning.


    or if a tab stack could be created from pinned tabs.

    Maybe it wasn't so clear, but I see that you already voted for that post, and I don't see a need to split it. If you wish I could also rewrite it (after all, I did write it over a year ago).

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    @AltCode the requests seem too similar to me. Stacks and pinned tabs in Vivaldi are just broken. I would hope that when your initial request is implemented, this would be implemented as well.

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    I should have qualified my request to be "right click context" enabled. I would like to be able to stack several tabs then right click then click pin tab stack. Much like right click tab then click pin tab. It's the same thing only pin the entire stack.

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    @AltCode Thanks for asking. But, no I want this request to be as-is. Even though your request is a year old it's still more then relevant.

    @LonM They are quite similar but in their own way different.

    To the developers who work on all things tab related, you have both my sympathy and admiration.
    Working with tabs must be a huge pain in the butt. Just to make life easier for us the users. I may not know how the code
    but I can recognize how difficult codes and tabs can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time.

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