Support Face Gestures

  • Is the world ready for Face Gestures yet?

    Note the date on the video. This is over 10 years old already — surely technology has moved on enough to do this now? They can build self-driving cars now, so why should we have to use the keyboard or mouse to execute basic commands.

    Voice Support for Quick Commands and Read Aloud Selected Text have fewer votes than they deserve.

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    There are a number of 3rd party software that exist to convert facial movements to mouse movements, and I think they offer a very great support for those with accessibility issues.

    My feel on this is that it would benefit more if integrated into the OS itself.

  • @LonM said

    My feel on this is that it would benefit more if integrated into the OS itself.

    Read aloud in Opera relied on third-party libraries from IBM, and died when IBM stopped supporting them.

    If Vivaldi has its own built-in code for recognising face gestures it would be a unique feature that other browsers are unlikely to get.

    This request is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I can see that it could become popular for anyone with a built-in camera.

    I use only five mouse gestures very frequently:

    1. Scroll page to top (GestureUp)
    2. Scroll page to bottom (GestureDown)
    3. History Back (GestureLeft)
    4. History forward (GestureRight)
    5. Open/Close Panel (GestureRight, GestureLeft) (My panels are on the right)

    How cool would it be to use face gestures for this?

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    @Pesala oh I agree. The v team wants gimmicks (coloured keyboards, eh?). This is be gimmicky on a top tier level, and there's a chance (I think very slim though) it could be a good as mouse gestures.

  • @LonM i really hope the keyboards were a sponsorship deal, otherwise it makes no sense regarding the target audience

  • @MaxKarlErnst
    Which target audience?


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