Black screen of death

  • Using version (64-bit) on arch 64-bit and loving it so far. Except for sometimes when I start the browserr I get a black screen or a transparent screen until I kill the process and start again. Sometimes I lose my tabs and sometimes not. Any fix in the workings? I s this some problem on my end?

  • Update to the last avavaible snapshot "yaourt vivaldi"

    I allways use yaourt without -S to see all avaible matching packages.

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    Most recent snapshot is

  • @Ayespy:

    Most recent snapshot is

    I know but is not avaible in the arch aur yet. I look thru the repo before I post ;)

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    You may need to install it to get access to the snapshot repository. It looks like you are stuck in the Technical Preview repository.

  • No, this is not the arch way to install programms. Trust me.
    I know serveral ways to install .deb or .rpm programms in arch, this is for advanced user.

    Ps: manjaro user can't do this because of a missing/not working dependencie.

  • I forgot the install script from ruario…

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