Toggle mouse gestures by keybind

  • Hello, some interactive webpages (like UML editor at don't like mouse gestures. I would love to see option to attach keybind for toggle mouse gestures. Until then I must everytime go to the settings and change it manually.

    Thanks for making the best browser, Horochov

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    @HorochovPL thanks for sharing your great request. This type of interaction needs to be discussed with the creators of this page actually. Please report it there so they can allow mouse gesture on their page. 🙂

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    @HorochovPL It might make more sense to have a command to disable mouse gestures. There is already one to disable keyboard shortcuts.

    Disable Keyboard shortcuts.png

  • @Pesala said in Toggle mouse gestures by keybind:

    There is already one to disable keyboard shortcuts.

    Note that this still keeps one of the keyboard shortcuts enabled, specifically the one assigned to the "disable keyboard shortcuts" action -- allowing the user to enable all the keyboard shortcuts again. It would follow that a disable mouse gestures action would remain enabled allowing the user to restore them. It has to be available as a mouse gesture just like the disable keyboard shortcut action is available as a keyboard shortcut. You cannot assume the user will be able to use both the keyboard and mouse, it's an accessibility thing.

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