What friend requests are pending ?

  • When I rummage a friend's friend page discovering which of our mutual friends are here, I send friend requests to the ones I didn't know about previously. However, I have no way to find out which of them I've already sent friend requests to; ideally, when I'm looking at someone's page, there would be some clear indication, on the page, of how we're linked to one another - friend, pending friend request from me, previously rejected my friend request (maybe I mistook them for someone else before; this would save me repeating the mistake), I've previously rejected their friend request (this last might save me working out who someone isn't, all over again, if they repeat the request). I also notice the right side-bar of the page includes links for both "Friends" and "My friends"; these go to identical pages, as far as I can see. It would make sense for one of them to be the page others can see, listing my (confirmed) friends, while the other could be private to me and list also my outstanding friend requests. (It could, in time, also serve as a place for UI about managing and querying friend links, e.g. providing a way to list those who've rejected my requests and those I've rejected.) It would be nice if this private page could also give the date of last change of each link's status (e.g. "friend request sent 2014-Feb-17" while pending, "friends since 2014-Mar-3" once accepted or "rejected friend request 2014-Mar-1" if not).

  • Hmm … apparently "quick reply" means "waste a minute or two typing a quick reply, that we'll throw away when you click the 'Submit' button". Weird.

    Anyhoo, at the risk of repeating myself if it actually only pretended to throw it away but posted it and marked with "don't let the author see this in the thread", here's what I tried to add:

    I now see that a user's page's "Add as friend" button is replaced, when I've previously been there and done that, with the same "Friend request sent" drop-down that was shown the time I did click on "Add as friend", so that at least saves me the need to remember who I've already asked.
    It would still be nice if such friend-to-me status were somehow indicated in another user's friends page, when I see our mutual friend listed there, so that I don't need to visit their page in order to find out that I've already invited them.

  • On a related note: my "more info" page lets me configure who else can see each part of it - nice. However, it divides the world into "friends", "registered users" and the rest.

    It would be nice to have the option to make some of that information available to those I've invited to be friends, either by having "friends" actually include them (I've invited them, so this does make sense) or by adding an in-between category for friends and those I've invited.

    This would make it easier for those to whom I send friend requests to confirm that I am me.

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