How to completely disable "allow notifications" query?

  • More and more sites ask me to allow desktop notifications. I generally don't want this. Not for any site. However these popups keep getting in the way. and sometimes I even hit the wrong option which makes it worse.

    It looks like under chrome://settings/ there is no option to completely disable this query, i.e. say "no" without asking?

  • @mbert There is a way and you already were on the right path to it ^^
    go to chrome:/settings/content/notifications click on the blue switch to go from "ask before sending" to "blocked"

  • Moderator

    @mbert Yes, block all as @zaibon said and if you need Notifications on a site, you can allow by clicking on the globe/lock in address field and set to Allow in Site Settings.

  • Thank you all. I never tried that switch and expected it not to block all but rather unblock all notifications.


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